we control light

In 1994 Lighttools® founder Stephen Pilby invented Soft Egg Crates® (original black) to give photographers and cinematographers unprecedented levels of soft light control. Lighttools® continues to light the way with the patented CUfocus® - the world's first, full source close-up Soft Egg Crate®, Ultra Soft Egg Crates® (33% grey) and the ez[POP]® Soft Egg Crates® for faster set-up with a built-in tensioning frame.


Our Soft Egg Crates® come in a variety of cell sizes, each with  different effects, fitting most softboxes, butterfly and overhead frames.  If you can't get the perfect light from our 400+ Soft Egg Crates® configurations, we will custom build to your exact specifications. Lighttools® is at the forefront of soft light control, offering you uniquely different ways to shape light.

Often copied, but never equalled.  There's simply no match for our extensive range of products and quality. Our collapsible, lightweight Soft Egg Crates® are manufactured in North America by skilled technicians using Lighttools'® exclusive superior-quality fabric. And we back everything we make with the best Warranty and 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee in the business.